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Five Square is a card game for thinkers. It combines the simplicity and elegance of classic solitaire with the allure of strategic gameplay for a game that is irresistibly fun and curiously addictive.

Opt-6 Products, LLC

Five Square


Five Square is a unique solitaire card game that combines the simplicity and elegance of a classic solitaire game with the challenge of complex strategic play. Most Five Square layouts are winnable, but only if moves are carefully planned. That’s why we call it “the chess of solitaire.”

This app and its accompanying website were developed by George Woodliff-Stanley and Carter Allen. The stunning graphics are provided by Wil Nichols, and the incredible sound effects are courtesy of Philip Allen.

Five Square was invented by Nathan Woodliff-Stanley and developed for the small screen by George Woodliff-Stanley and Opt-6 Products, LLC. © 2011 Opt-6 Products, LLC. The name “Five Square”, “The Chess of Solitaire”, and associated terms are trademarked by Nathan Woodliff-Stanley.